Picks Of The Week #6: Comic Book Love, Supergirl, Superman, Dealing With Feelings & More!

If you enjoy comic books and superheroes, you might enjoy this week’s Picks Of The Week. Plus, don’t miss new Milo and this week’s featured Superhero Life Skills video – How To Acknowledge & Process Your Feelings In Healthy Ways.

Weekly Picks From Zazzle

If you love Supergirl or Superman you might enjoy this week’s picks from Zazzle! Choose from a Supergirl Sketched Pink Logo T-Shirt, a Supergirl Star and Roses Two-Tone Coffee Mug, a cool Superman birthday party invitation, sketched phone case and more! For the complete selection of Supergirl and Superman merchandise (some of which is customizable) visit their Zazzle shops directly.

Weekly Picks From Society6

If you enjoy comic book art and cool superhero stuff, you might appreciate this week’s picks from Society6! Choose from an American Superhero Comic Art Phone Case, a Bat the Caped Crusader iPhone Case, Comic Book Love!, Comic Book Pow! & more! For more cool stuff from these artists, visit their Society6 shops directly.

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From My Zazzle Shop

If you or someone you know enjoys cartoon cats, space rockets, superheroes and donuts, you might appreciate these new and popular Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat themed postcards from my Zazzle shop. Choose from Milo Space Rocket Fantastic Day, Milo Superhero Superstar Day, and Milo Sailing Maple Bar With Bacon Donut Sweet Day postcards. Also available as greeting cards. Halloween cards and party invitations also available. Custom requests welcomed. For more Milo and other cats and stuff, visit my Zazzle shop.

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From My YouTube Channel

Ever dreamed of being the superhero in your own life? Well now you can give it a try with the Superhero Life Skills self care, personal success and empowerment series of videos I have going on my YouTube channel! This week, I talk about feelings and share what I’ve learned over the years about how to acknowledge, work with and heal feelings in healthy ways instead of harmful ones that can often do life changing damage to ourselves and to others. Watch the video below.

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