Picks Of The Week #5: Sunshine, Scooby Doo, Skeletons, Telling ANYONE To F**k Off & More!

If you love sunshine, Scooby Doo & cool skeletons, you might enjoy this weeks picks of the week. Plus, check out the next video in the self care, personal success and empowerment series I have going on my YouTube channel – How To Tell ANYONE To F**k Off! (Tips For Setting Healthy Boundaries). And don’t miss new Milo and this week’s sweary special feature.

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Featured Artist

If you enjoy skeletons and black and white ink drawn art, you might appreciate these skull art prints by Original DNA Plus. Choose from Dancing Skull, Three Dancing Skulls & Trumpet Skull. For more art from Original DNA Plus, visit their Society6 shop directly.

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If you or a child you know likes cats, space rockets, superheros and unicorns, you might enjoy these newest flat cards or mini art prints from my Zazzle shop. Choose from R Is For Rocket, S Is For Superhero & U Is For Unicorn. For more cards & gifts featuring Milo and other cats, visit my Zazzle shop directly.

Milo Blue Cat R Is For Rocket Flat CardMilo Blue Cat R Is For Rocket Flat CardView/PurchaseMilo Blue Cat S Is For Superhero Flat CardMilo Blue Cat S Is For Superhero Flat CardView/PurchaseMilo Blue Cat U Is For Unicorn Flat CardMilo Blue Cat U Is For Unicorn Flat CardView/Purchase

From My YouTube Channel

Healthy boundaries. We all need to set them in order to keep our bodies, minds and spirits functioning well. But how can we do that while trying our best not to be mean, gruff or unkind? Find out in the next featured video from my self care, personal success & relationships series – How To Tell ANYONE To F**k Off (Tips For Setting Healthy Boundaries).


If you need some fun inspiration to be able to set a healthy boundary or tell someone to f**k off, you might appreciate these sweary themed coffee mugs from Society6. Choose from a Kindly F**k Off Coffee Mug, a Two Words One Finger Coffee Mug and a pretty floral F**k Off Coffee Mug. For more pretty and cool F**k Off themed decor and accessories, visit my F**k Off collection on Society6. (PS: If you go to the collection page and don’t see any pictures, just start scrolling and they’ll pop up.)

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