Meditation: 16 Things I’ve Learned So Far


Peace Sign In Space Pic(Listen To This Post) Have you ever done meditation? I started meditating daily almost 17 months ago in an effort to remedy some life altering health issues and shore up my mind so that I could better coexist in a life and small living space with my husband Paul and our kitty Miss Rosie.

During the first 12 months of meditating, I felt physically better, my patience increased, and small things that used to really bother me didn’t bother me in the same way they used to bother me anymore. I also felt as though my head was finally beginning to heal itself from the physical consequences of a temporarily medicated diagnosis of depression that I’d experienced seven years prior.

After some time though, I began to feel like the meditations were losing their effectiveness. Although the mental perks hadn’t changed, I felt like my brain needed more. So, instead of forcing myself to continue to sit and just be like many meditation practitioners advise, I forced myself to FOCUS!

I forced myself to focus my mind much in the same way and with the same resolve and precision that an athlete would focus on strengthening their muscles during physical exercise or training.

Since I wanted to mobilize my brain, I chose to make my eyeballs my first point of focus. I’d try to keep them from moving for a count of ten, then for 20, then 30, then 40 and so on.

At first, it was very hard. But then over time, as I became more confident in my ability to keep my eyeballs from moving for longer and longer periods of time, I began to feel comfortable allowing myself to explore more of them, and more of my head and body too.

And then, one day, after about a month or so, something unusual happened. I can’t explain what occurred except to say that it felt like something deep in my mind cracked or a dam broke, and my mental perceptions, insights, and my life, had forever changed again. I’d traveled to that seemingly elusive yet blissful place of wisdom called inner peace!

Below is a list of 16 things I’ve learned during my daily travels there so far.

16 Things I’ve Learned From Daily Meditation So Far

  • Meditation is the mental equivalent to physical exercise for the brain
  • Frequent practice and prolonged focus on one thing, without a doubt, is the key to meditation success.
  • Once we learn how, focusing our mind on one thing is as easy as focusing the human eye.
  • The energy of peace feels better than any synthetic drug, warm bath or good sleep ever could.
  • Sustained peace contains the energy to instantly begin to change and heal all things for the better.
  • When one is in the energy of peace, praying without ceasing for all things can be done without thinking.
  • We humans generally don’t know ourselves. Instead we know the selves we think we should be or the selves we’d like to be.
  • Drama is at the core of 99.9% of human problems, situations and circumstances, including our own.
  • All humans naturally possess a sense of self love, self worth and confidence.
  • We humans possess much more power than many of us are aware of.
  • Every one of life’s biggest heartaches, at it’s core, has to do with lack of love, acceptance or support from others.
  • Every heart is either healed or hurt by the words or actions of others.
  • The most powerful actions can often feel very gentle, subtle, unassuming and insignificant.
  • The ten most powerful weapons any life can make use of at any given time are peace, love, patience, gentleness, forgiveness, integrity, empathy, compassion thought & prayer.
  • Four of the best things we humans can do for ourselves is believe in ourselves, stick up for ourselves, never give up, never stop trying, and stay in the energy of peace as much as we can.
  • If we humans choose not to sit quietly in the energy of peace at least once daily, we are doing ourselves and our souls and the planet a disservice.

My hope is that this list inspires those reading this to begin the process of taking their own travels to inner peace to see what they discover and uncover for themselves. If you need some incentive, here are some simple meditation exercises that can help get you started.

Are you traveling to inner peace? If so, what have you discovered and uncovered so far? Feel free to share your findings  in the comments.

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