About Juliet Parrott-Merrell

Before I began working as an artist in 2008, I worked a few intermittent office jobs for a few non-profits in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. Now, I spend my time still working as an artist, drawing  Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat. I also write, do affiliate marketing, create and sell greeting cards and other gifts, and manage Big Planet Radio, an internet radio station. This is all in an effort to stay busy, find my purpose, follow my passion, keep my sanity and make a little extra money too. In my spare time, I spend a good amount of time taking care of myself, doing yoga and meditation everyday, and exploring and enjoying life with my husband Paul and our kitty Miss Rosie PuppyCat.

About Cat N Pet Gifts

Cat N Pet Logo PicCat N Pet Gifts (formerly The Art & Other Gifts Blog) is an online affiliate marketplace specializing in bringing you links to cat, pet and other animal themed cards and gifts by independent artists from around the web, including myself. Visit the Cat N Pet Gifts Blog or social media feeds to find links to everyday, holiday, wedding, birthday and baby  greeting cards, postcards, party invitations, party supplies and favors, fun apparel, keepsake gifts & more! I make commission on anything you’ll buy from this blog or my social media feeds. Thank you for your kind support.

About Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat

Milo Yellow Bug Car Easter Postcard

After almost five years of working and re-working my art and online shops, I think I may finally have it! if you love kitty smiles, enjoy cartoons and are fascinated by the sun, the moon and the stars, and enjoy various modes of travel and transportation you might enjoy Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat. He can often be found driving bug cars, riding a unicorn scooter or flying high on his piece of magic cardboard or in his heart-shaped hot air balloon. He also wears a superhero cape, and enjoys keeping the company of butterflies, ladybugs and other nature friends. If you’re interested in seeing more of him, check out my online shops.