I’m taking a break to catch up on some things and get ready for my upcoming cataract surgery! In the meantime, enjoy these fun Summer Camp Cards & Postcards and this sweet Magical Summer Art Print and check out the latest offers and deals from Zazzle and Society6! By the way, if you’d like to help make the payments I’ll have to make for my cataract surgery a little easier, you can buy products from this blog, buy a Milo or donate directly via GoFundMe. Thanks in advance for any support you’ll give me.

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Pic of Juliet Parrott-Merrell Hello, I’m Juliet Parrott-Merrell! I spend most of my time blogging for Cat, Pet & Other Gifts, drawing Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat and writing about relationships – specifically as they pertain to achieving long-lasting heart-centered health & wellness and personal success. Popular articles I’ve written include: “Get To know Yourself Better: 7 Questions To Ask” and “How Being Receptive Can Bring You Happiness”.

In my spare time, I meditate, practice yoga and explore and enjoy life with my husband Paul and our kitty Miss Rosie Puppycat.

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